Strengthening the Mom, by Strengthening the Individual

My name is Elizabeth, and I am a mom of 5 crazy kids all under the age of 10! I created MOM Life Today to spread the message that you don’t have to sacrifice everything about yourself to be the best dang mom your kids could ever have. Radical thinking, I know! For most traditional families that is probably straight up blasphemy to think that – BUT, I promise you – and I believe this to my very core – that having a strong sense of individuality and staying connected to what brings you joy and fulfillment outside the realm of motherhood will only serve to strengthen your role as a mother. It will also help with the anxiety and depression that the awful monster of Mom Guilt tends to bring into our lives.

Discover Your Roots

Just as a tree is only as healthy as its roots, a mother can only care for her child if she has taken the time to strengthen her own individual roots.

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